4 Artisan Soap Sample Pack for $25

4 Artisan Soap Sample Pack for $25

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All handcrafted and small batch made, this is a discount package for people who buy bars of soap in increments of 4. You are able to pick the soaps you want based on scent family (i.e. floral, fruit, unisex) or have me choose 4 of my favorites for you! In April 2020 there will also be an option for those who prefer fragrance-free and all naturally colored soaps.

Floral may contain: lavender, rose, jasmine, gardenia

Fruit may contain: peach, raspberry, melon, lemon

Unisex may contain: Norwegian Oud, Tiger Stripe, Rosemary & Mint, Over the Rainbow

Mama K's Favorites contain: soaps picked just for you (a variety of all fragrances)

About my ingredients;

• Shea butter - Shea butter is naturally nourishing and has been used for centuries to nourish the skin. It is rich in skin loving vitamins A & E, which help protect the skin from environmental damage. While super moisturizing, shea butter also contains linolenic acid, which is similar to the body’s own oil. This makes Shea butter naturally easy for the skin to absorb without leaving you feeling greasy.

• Mango butter is a pure plant based butter extracted from the fruit kernels of the mango tree. Rich in rich in carotenoids and antioxidants, mango butter is creamy and moisturizing without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

• Kokum butter comes from the fruit kernels of the Kokum tree, also known as Garcinia indica, which is indigenous to the Western Ghats region of India. It has a high stearic acid content and is chock full of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 as well as Vitamin E. It helps contribute to the overall hardness of the bar of soap while allowing to to remain emollient and creamy. Kokum butter leaves the skin with a lightweight moisturized feeling without leaving a greasy residue.