Y’all, I am super excited about this announcement: the soap is coming! When I first started doing research to formulate my perfect bath bomb recipe, I came across a bunch of recipes for cold process soap. I took a cursory glance but was waaay too intimidated to give it a try. Soap making involves the use of sodium hydroxide (i.e. lye) to catalyze the saponification that turns oils into soap. This involves all sorts of safety gear and precautions, dedicated tools, and overall seemed out of my league. I was having fun making bath bombs and scrubs and that was enough.

Never say never! Lemon poppyseed cold process soap was one of the first batches I made.

However, I kept coming back to it. It was a challenge. The soap designs I was seeing were so beautiful and inspiring. I’m obsessed with my fragrance oils and was dying to use them in as many ways as possible. Then I started getting feedback from my customers: “I love the bath bombs; I wish you made soaps to go with them” or the common refrain “I don’t have a bath tub, but would definitely use a soap”. I was tempted.

Simply Naked oatmeal soap. Unfragranced and gentle enough for even the most sensitive, delicate skin.

One day, I happened to be visiting my dear friend Summer and her mother. She saw my bath bombs and candles and remarked that she would love some soap to go with it. I explained that it was too hard and that I didn’t think I could do it. She looked me in the eye, told me that I was talented, and that she believed in me. That’s all it took! I attempted my first batch of cold process soap that week.

Spa bar, filled with skin loving oils and shea butter and packed with exfoliating finely crushed walnut shells.

So once again, I went down the rabbit hole, researching anything and everything I could find about how to make the best cold process soap. I don’t just want it to look pretty, I want it to feel great! I want my soaps to contain only sustainable, environmentally friendly ingredients I’d be comfortable letting my kids use, just like my bath bombs. I’ve done a lot of experimenting. Some batches were big successes, others were soapy failures. Regardless, I’m having an absolute blast!

Winter forest soap that smells like fresh pine. Perfect for the winter holidays!

The hard thing for me about cold process soap is the wait time. I chose to focus on cold process soap, rather than melt and pour soap, so that I could control every single ingredient that goes into my soap. It takes 3-4 days after the soap has been poured to unmold and cut. Then the soap needs to “cure” (i.e. dry out) for 4-6 weeks so the bars get hard and don’t dissolve in water (because who wants a bar of soap that only lasts a week?!). As a result, my soaps won’t be ready for sale until the end of November and the wait is killing me! I’ve been using some of my early batches and am in love! I can’t wait for people to try it out and become artisan soap converts like me (spoken from a person who previously was a Dove body wash kinda girl).

This lavender soap smells so heavenly and makes me so happy!

If you’re interested in ordering a bar, DM me on any of my social media sites or email me at mamakbreakingbath@gmail.com. I’m only making scents one loaf at a time which makes approximately 9-10 bars of soap. I want to see what fragrances, designs, and bar sizes sell before I commit to mass production. So if you see a bar, email me to reserve one. Once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait another 2 months for me to make more of that type and style. So get your orders in now while they last! I’m also taking holiday orders, so if there’s a type of soap or fragrance you’re dying to have, let me know and I’ll make it just for you in time for the holidays. Individual bars are $5 each and custom designed soap bars (you can pick the fragrance, colors, oils and butters) are $6 per bar with a 3 bar minimum order.

Wild Rose bars are beautiful, smell divine, and are topped with just a dash of dried rose petals.

I can’t wait for you to try them!

Happy bathing!

Mama K

Published by Mama K

Just a single mom trying to build a small business, one bath bomb at a time...

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  1. Hi Kate 🛀🏼 I think I NEED these soaps 😂 for sure I NEED them!
    Will PM you with an order 👍🏽😁
    Everything looks so nice want one of each 👍🏽 ~ Chris


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