Hi! My name is Kate. I am a single mom with a wonderful 9 year old son. I am also the creator, sole proprietor, and artisan behind Mama K Breaking Bath, a small business of homemade, handmade bath bombs, body scrubs, lotion bars, and 100% soy candles. My products are available on Etsy here. I never envisioned myself as a small business owner; I’m a nurse by trade. Heck, I never envisioned a lot of how my life has unfolded, yet here we are! I know next to nothing about how to start and run a small business, so I thought, why not write about my triumphs and tribulations publicly?! Perhaps someone else is interested in the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get a small business *hopefully* up and running. God willing, someone will read this and have some magic words of wisdom to share. Maybe it will make another small business owner feel less alone in a jungle full of larger corporations who seem to be doing it bigger and better effortlessly. Fingers crossed someone will see it, buy a product, love it, and tell a friend!

Mama K Breaking Bath: The Origin Story
When I was a kid, I loved bubble baths. Sadly, I was allergic to the ingredients in Mr. Bubbles, so I didn’t get them too frequently. As a tween and teenager, I did develop a deep and abiding love for bath oils, which luckily I wasn’t allergic to. I loved how they fragranced and colored the bath water. I loved how they dissolved in the tub and left my skin feeling soft and smelling nice. But sadly, the individual bath oil that dissolved in the tub seems to have gone the way of the snap bracelet: out of vogue.

Not too long ago, I stumbled across bath bombs. They seemed a cross between what I loved about bubble baths (the fizz) and what I loved about bath oils (the scent, color, and skin soothing properties). I was in heaven, and so was my son. But holy cow – were they expensive! $7-10 for one of those babies! I went to a big box store’s cosmetics aisle to see if I could get them for cheaper. After all, at this point, my kid was asking for one with every bath. I could get them slightly cheaper there, but holy geez! The chemicals in those things! No way was my kid getting in a tub filled with chemical I couldn’t pronounce! So I decided to try and make my own.

Down the rabbit hole I went. It took me months of experimentation to develop a recipe that satisfied both myself and my son. I wanted a product made with all natural, vegan, and organic ingredients when at all possible. I wanted maximum fizz with minimum chemicals. I wanted pretty color, but not so much that my relaxing bath was followed with a need to scour my tub to remove residue. I wanted nice smelling, skin softening, eye appealing bath bombs. It was not easy. I wasn’t always successful. But when I was finally satisfied, I had something I was really proud of and wanted to share.

My bath bombs look pretty. They smell great. They make bath water pretty and skin soft. I am obsessed. My kid is obsessed. And hence, Mama K Breaking Bath was born. She is my second baby. As are all infants, she is not easy and requires a lot of help and supervision. She keeps me up at night. She stresses me out. She also brings me a great deal of joy, happiness, and pride. I know from experience that parenting is hard; I expect having a small business is not entirely different. It will take a lot of effort, patience, and learning to help her grow into a thriving, happy, healthy, mature thing. 
Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride!M

Happy Bathing!

Mama K

Published by Mama K

Just a single mom trying to build a small business, one bath bomb at a time...

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